Is Your Home Prepared for You to Leave on Winter Vacation?

Is Your Home Prepared for You to Leave on Winter Vacation?Winter vacations are a fun way to get a break from the ice, snow and harsh conditions of the cold season. However, leaving your home for extended periods in the winter can be problematic. Whenever temperatures drop, pipes can freeze, bursting and flooding your house. Also, the power can go off during blizzards, and with it your heating.

Learn how a little vacation maintenance can go a long way toward protecting your home during your absence.

Winter Maintenance

1. The first task for winter maintenance, particularly when it concerns your HVAC system, is to change the air filter. A clean filter makes your heating system more efficient and prevents damage to the parts.

2. Remove all obstructions in front of vents. Blocking the flow of the heat during extreme cold periods can have disastrous effects in your home, even though the system is still working.

3. If you program the temperature to be cooler at nights, don’t set it too low. You want to be sure the heating can still keep pipes from freezing. Leave cabinet doors open wherever there are pipes. If you’re worried about them, wrap them for extra protection. Never turn the heat off while you’re gone in the winter.

4. Wrap any exposed outdoor pipes.

5. Install a surge protector for your HVAC system. Power to homes can be unsteady in the winter, so installing a surge protector can prevent damage to your HVAC system.

5. Schedule professional maintenance before you go. If you haven’t had fall maintenance done on your heating system, do it before you leave. An HVAC technician should check controls, thermostat, sensors, ductwork, electrical connections, burners, heat exchanger, gas connections and ignition. Finding potential malfunctions can save you money in the long run, by preventing them from turning into breakdowns.

6. Ask someone to stop by your home periodically to ensure everything is running right. Make arrangements so your HVAC pro can be called for service if need be while you are away.

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