Colder Weather Resets for Programmable Thermostats

Colder Weather Resets for Programmable ThermostatsNow that Long Island is seeing the yearly transition from summer to fall and winter, it’s time to start thinking about resetting the programmable thermostat in your home. During the cooling season, if you’ve been programming the thermostat for energy savings, it’s been set at warmer temperatures during the day when nobody’s home and when you’ve been on vacation or traveling. But now it’s time — or even past time — to reset the thermostat for winter.

Programmable thermostats are big improvements over the old-school manual thermostats that required constant adjustments in order to avoid wasting energy. Programmables give you the ability to program energy-saving temperatures ahead of time, then let the program take over while you give your attention to more important things.

Resetting the Programmable Thermostat

As with summer programming, the idea in the winter is to reduce the workload on your furnace or other type of heating system when nobody’s home. You do this by lowering the temperature several degrees. In the winter, you also can save energy by lowering the temperature at night when everybody’s sleeping. Most people don’t mind cozying up in blankets on a chilly night.

Following is a sample weekday wintertime schedule for your programmable thermostat:

  • Before you go to bed, the thermostat should be programmed to a temperature that’s five or six degrees lower than your regular daytime comfort level.
  • Shortly before you expect to awaken, the temperature should be programmed to return to a regular daytime comfort setting. That way the house is warm and toasty when you climb out of bed. (You may decide to skip this temperature change if you’re only going to be awake briefly before heading to work.)
  • During the day, if nobody’s home, set a lower temperature (similar to the nighttime setback) until shortly before you expect to arrive home. At that point, the setting should be programmed to return to your comfort level for the late afternoon and evening.

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