How You Can Ready Your Air Conditioner for the Off Season

How You Can Ready Your Air Conditioner for the Off SeasonGetting your air conditioner ready for its winter “hibernation” requires a few relatively simple steps to get the system cleaned, services, and ready to start again in a few months. Here are some of the ways you can take care of your cooling system this fall.

  • Shut it down. Once you determine that you’re not going to need your A/C any more this year, turn off the system’s power. This can be done at the air conditioner’s main switch or at the circuit breaker that controls the cooling system. Shutting off the power ensures that the air conditioner won’t waste any energy during the winter months. It also improves safety for any maintenance and preparation tasks.
  • Call for preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance on an air conditioner is usually performed either in the spring, before the system is turned on, or in the fall, when the A/C is shut off. If you choose to have maintenance done in the fall, you may be able to get end-of-season specials from your HVAC provider. Maintenance provides expert inspections, tune-ups, and adjustments that ensure your air conditioner will continue to work at its best and at its highest level of efficiency.
  • Clean the system. Clean both the indoor and outdoor units of your cooling system. Indoor components should be cleaned to make sure they are free of dust, household dirt, or other material. At the outdoor unit, make sure any dirt, mud, sticks, leaves, grass, or anything similar are cleaned away from the unit and out of the vents. Wipe down the outer case with water and a mild detergent or a commercial cleaner.
  • Change the air filters. Take the old air filters out of the unit and install new, clean ones. This will ensure you’ll be starting the next cooling season with clean filters.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “peggy_marco/Pixabay”