Keep Energy Vampires From Sucking All the Energy in Your Home

Keep Energy Vampires From Sucking All the Energy in Your HomeThey may not have capes and fangs, but the energy vampires in your home still suck away something valuable: the electrical power that you pay for every month. Here is a brief guide to energy vampires and what you can do to banish them from your home.

What are Energy Vampires?

They aren’t shape-shifting Romanian noblemen with a taste for blood. The energy vampires in your home are electronic devices that consume a small amount of power when plugged in, even if they’re turned off. They include equipment and appliances such as:

  • Computers
  • Cell phone chargers
  • Microwave ovens
  • DVD players
  • DVR equipment
  • CD players
  • Televisions
  • Video game equipment

Energy vampires can also include any devices that can be turned on or off by remote control. Appliances or other equipment with a clock, timer, or similar device also use standby energy.

These devices use a small amount of electrical power to maintain timers, clocks, and other internal settings. By itself, the extra power usage of one device might not amount to much. However, when multiplied by several devices over days, weeks, or longer, the amount of energy you waste, and the money you spend for it, becomes significant.

Putting the Stake to Energy Vampires

  • Unplug devices when not in use: Either physically unplug the device from the wall outlet or, if you have the device plugged into a power strip, turn the power strip off.
  • Unplug chargers: Chargers for phones, tablets, and other devices consume a significant amount of standby energy, so they should be unplugged as well.
  • Buy Energy Star-certified devices: When purchasing new equipment or devices, look for those that have been certified as energy efficient and that carry the Energy Star label. Many types of Energy Star-certified devices will have specialized power management modes that reduce standby power consumption.

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