Zone into the Benefits of Zoning Systems for Your Home

Zone into the Benefits of Zoning Systems for Your HomeDo you find you have hot or cold spots throughout your home when the HVAC system is on? Do family members disagree about how high or how low to set the thermostat? One way to assure more uniform temperatures and greater satisfaction among family members is to install a zoning system.

What’s a Zoning System?

Zoning systems, as the name implies, require the house to be divided into different zones, with a thermostat installed in each one. These thermostats are connected to a central panel that controls the airflow from the HVAC system. The thermostats are operated individually so that persons occupying the various zones can call for different temperatures.

The thermostats regulate electronic dampers installed in the ductwork, which open and close to control the flow of heated or cooled air.

Zoning System Benefits

The most obvious benefit of a zoned system is energy efficiency. You don’t have to send conditioned air to unoccupied parts of the home. If you’re leaving for vacation, you can shut off noncritical areas and, for example, heat the bathroom and kitchen to keep pipes from freezing, or keep it cooler where you have sensitive electronics.

Do you enjoy sleeping in a cooler room? A zoned system can assure you sleep in cool comfort, while saving energy by cutting back on air conditioning for the rest of the home.

Certain problem areas in your home may create heating or cooling challenges that are just too much for your HVAC system to overcome. Cathedral ceilings, picture windows, a large number of windows, living space in the attic or basement, occupied space over a garage and multiple stories are just some of the problem areas that may call for a zoned system.

Installing a Zoning System

Installation of a zoning system involves these essential components: zone control panel, the various thermostats for each zone, dampers, and sometimes, a bypass damper to relieve pressure in the ductwork. Installation of a zoned system is fairly straightforward, but is best left to a professional HVAC consultant.

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