How to Save Energy with Window Treatments

How to Save Energy with Window TreatmentsAllowing natural light to stream into your home can certainly brighten your rooms and your spirits. However, if your energy bills are higher than you would like, your windows may be allowing too much light and heat by way of solar heat gain. That’s a leading reason why your sun-facing rooms are warmer than other parts of your home. Use these tips for different types of window treatments that can control the amount of light entering your home, and lighten your A/C’s load!

Solar Shades

Solar shades are among the most effective, yet practical window treatments you can choose. The trick to effectively lowering your cooling (and heating) bill is installing them right. Solar shades should be mounted as close to the glass as you can get. There should also be very little wiggle room to the adjacent wall, which ensures a tight seal to minimize heat gain/loss.

Moreover, you have many options for colors and transparencies to allow as much light or as little light into each window. If you choose darker-colored shades, make sure they are lined to keep them from becoming to warm.


Like solar shades, drapes correctly designed, installed and used not only reduce heat gain for lower cooling bills, they reduce heat loss during the heating months. Install your drapes well above the window and let them hang to the floor. They should hug the wall to ensure close proximity to the glass, and ensure energy savings.

Using lined and layered draperies allows you more flexibility for adjusting for exactly the right amount of light at any given time.


Awnings really add a nice accent that enhances your home’s curb appeal, whether you use them for a few windows or all of your home’s windows. Moreover, awnings offer excellent energy savings during the summer by reducing heat gain by as much as 77 percent.

When done correctly, window treatments offer many benefits for energy savings, comfort, curb appeal and HVAC performance. If you have any questions for the experts at Cool Power LLC, call us at 631-360-2665 or just schedule an appointment online.

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