Common Condensate Drain Problems

Common Condensate Drain ProblemsIf you have a condensate drain problem in your central air conditioner, will you realize it before you end up with household water damage, too? Possibly not.

The indoor evaporator coil in your air conditioner extracts as many as 20 gallons of water vapor every day from the air inside your house. Condensate drips off the evaporator coil and collects in a drip pan underneath the air handler. From there, it flows into a drain line connected to your household drain system. If anything goes wrong, many gallons of water per day could spill into your home. Because the air handler is often located inside a closet or even up in the attic, it may be some time before you notice there’s a problem. By that point, severe water damage may be a done deal.

Here are two common condensate drain issues:

  • Cracked or rusted drip pan. Condensate drip pans made of plastic may crack over time, while metal pans may rust or corrode. Water dripping off the evaporator coil leaks out of the pan onto the floor or soaks through the ceiling into rooms below. Vibration from the air handler blower may also cause an unsecured drip pan to shift out of position so it no longer properly catches water. Any signs of water pooling on the floor near the air handler should be a red flag to turn off the A/C and call a qualified HVAC service tech immediately.
  • Clogged drain line. A drip pan containing warm water and attracting household dust is the perfect environment for algae or mold growth. This sticky, gooey substance migrates into the condensate drain line, obstructing free flow. Very soon, the drip pan overflows, continuously spilling water out into your home for as long as the A/C is running. An HVAC contractor can clear the clog, disinfect the drip pan and drain line, and prevent the recurrence of algae or mold growth.

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