Prevent Heat and Humidity in the Attic by Using Radiant Barriers

Prevent Heat and Humidity in the Attic by Using Radiant BarriersHeat and humidity can enter your home and build up in your attic, which reduces your home’s cooling efficiency and leads to higher energy bills. Having a radiant barrier in your attic helps lower the amount of heat and humidity, resulting in cost savings and improved energy efficiency. It also leads to less wear and tear on your HVAC system.

What is a Radiant Barrier?

A radiant barrier is a membrane or panel with a reflective surface that is typically placed on the underside of a roof in the attic. These barriers can be used as facing material for reflective attic insulation systems.

How Do Radiant Barriers Work?

The reflective surface of radiant barriers reflects radiant heat, which helps keep it from building up in your attic. Instead, radiant heat is blocked rather than absorbed and sent back in the direction it came from. Radiant barriers are typically made of reinforced aluminum foil, which has a highly reflective surface.

These barriers are placed where there is open space in order to stop conductive heat transfer from occurring. Conductive heat transfer allows heat to pass through radiant barriers and reach surfaces next to them, causing heat to build up in your attic.

Are There Drawbacks to Radiant Barriers?

Radiant barriers can be ineffective if dust accumulates on the surface. It’s important to avoid having these barriers installed in areas that collect dust, such as on attic floor insulation. These barriers are also less effective when used in cooler climates rather than hot climates, although they are still able to improve efficiency in cooler locations.

While it’s possible to install radiant barriers on your own, they need to be properly installed in order to work effectively. Having a professional contractor install radiant barriers in your Long Island home helps ensure that it is done correctly, so you can enjoy lower energy bills and greater efficiency.

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