Here’s a Timeline for HVAC Maintenance and Replacements

Here's a Timeline for HVAC Maintenance and ReplacementsOne question that homeowners often ask is just how long can they expect their HVAC systems to continue working optimally … or at all for that matter. Along with that question comes another important one: What sort of HVAC maintenance timeline should you keep during the life of your cooling and heating systems?

The answer to both of these questions is “It depends.” However, the typical service-life range for a central air conditioner or heat pump these days is 10–15 years. For a combustion furnace or boiler, it’s a bit longer, say 15–20 years. The actual service life, however, can depend on a variety of factors. These include:


A poorly maintained HVAC system will begin experiencing malfunctions far earlier than one that receives professional maintenance annually (with basic homeowner maintenance). It will also begin losing energy efficiency over time, more than a properly maintained system.

Amount of usage

Like anything else, an HVAC system will last longer if it’s not used as much. Think of your A/C like the car in your garage. If that car has 150,000 miles on its odometer, it’s not going to last as long as one of the same model and year that only has 75,000 miles. With cooling and heating systems, this is largely a function of climate and geography.

Here on Long Island, with our long, cold winters, your furnace will get quite a workout several months every year. It will probably need replacement before a similar model/year furnace that’s operating in Georgia.

Your own choice

At a certain point, your old furnace or A/C will fall so far behind modern technology that you’ll be better off upgrading to a new high-efficiency model that provides better comfort and racks up energy savings month after month.

As for an HVAC maintenance timeline, most experts recommend yearly professional maintenance for your heating system and yearly service for your cooling system, along with regular do-it-yourself maintenance such as air-filter changes.

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