Finding Great HVAC Customer Service

Finding Great HVAC Customer ServiceYour HVAC system should get the best care possible so it can provide years of safe and energy efficient comfort. For this purpose, you should choose your HVAC contractor with at least as much care as you choose your auto mechanic. An important feature to look for is great customer service. Here is what to look for in an HVAC company.

Provides Personalized Estimates

Your home’s size, location, and heating/cooling load are among the many features that factor into repair or replacement price of HVAC equipment. Great HVAC companies take these into account when offering estimates. This usually means the service technician will pay a visit to your home before calculating the costs.

Willing to Explain Things in Understandable Terms

Good HVAC businesses want you to understand your options and the best steps to take regarding heating and cooling repairs, replacements or upgrades. Your service technician should be willing to explain things in layman’s terms so that you know what to expect and so you can make informed decisions.

Possesses Professional Certifications

Your HVAC company’s technicians should hold the right certifications for the job. If you choose a top-of-the-line energy efficient furnace, for example, you should expect that the contractor understands the best installation procedures for these furnaces.

Behaves Professionally

Good customer service dictates that the contractor will be on time, eagerly answer your questions, leave the work site as clean as or cleaner than it was upon arrival, and perform the job in a patient, timely manner.

Candid with Information

Great HVAC contractors don’t withhold important information just to make a sale. If your HVAC system has years of efficient functioning left, the technician won’t try to persuade you to upgrade to a new system unless it saves you money. An ethical company will let you know when something might not be the most suitable option, and the contractor will guide you towards a better choice.

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