Save Money and Energy by Installing a Zoning System

Save Money and Energy by Installing a Zoning SystemIt’s difficult to effectively heat and cool a large or multi-story house with just one thermostat. The single thermostat can only monitor the air in the room in which it’s located. No matter how cold or hot other rooms are, they’re at the mercy of temperature requirements in the living room or hallway on the main floor. This is why more and more Americans are investing in a zoning system to improve energy efficiency and home comfort.

How Does a Zoning System Work?

The house is divided into two or more different climate zones. The most common method is creating a different zone for each level of the house. In a typical situation, this would mean the finished basement would be one zone, the main floor another, and the upstairs bedrooms the third. All of these areas cool and heat differently, mainly as a result of heat rising in a home. So the basement is usually the coolest, the upper floor the warmest, and the main floor in the middle. A programmable thermostat and one or more automated duct dampers are installed in each zone, which allows individual climate control. If the upper bedrooms are too warm on a summer’s day, that zone will receive more cooling than the other zones. In the winter, the finished basement would receive more heat than the other areas.

Benefits of a Zoning System

  • You’ll save energy. Areas that don’t require heating or cooling won’t receive it.
  • The battle over the thermostat will end when different family members can set temperatures to suit themselves wherever they are in the house.
  • Heating and cooling will be more effective now that you can adapt temperatures to unique conditions in different parts of the house. For example, this allows you to create a separate zone in a large family room that has a bank of south-facing windows, or in a porch that’s been converted into a sitting room.

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