Don’t Forget to Check Your Furnace Filter

Don’t Forget to Check Your Furnace FilterReplacing the furnace filter is one of the many tasks an HVAC technician performs during an annual inspection to keep your heating system operating properly and preserve its energy efficiency. What you may not realize is that monthly filter checks and changes are necessary throughout the heating season to maintain efficiency, promote good indoor air quality, and protect your equipment from damage.

Why Regular Filter Changes are Important

Your furnace filter plays a key role in keeping dust and debris away from sensitive HVAC system components and out of your home’s air supply. Forgetting to check the condition of your filter can have costly consequences, including:

  • Higher operating costs. As dirt builds up on the filter, airflow through the heating system starts to decline and the furnace has to work harder to compensate. An overworked furnace uses more energy to satisfy the thermostat setting and keep your home comfortable, so your heating costs are bound to rise.
  • Shortened equipment lifespan. Airflow has to stay within certain limits for your heating equipment to work reliably and reach its full useful life span. Restricted airflow causes overheating and puts unnecessary strain on components like the blower motor and heat exchanger. This leaves you vulnerable to a sudden loss of heat if the system’s high limit safety switch is triggered, and it increases the likelihood of breakdowns or premature failures that result in costly repairs bills or expensive equipment replacements.
  • Degraded air quality. The furnace air filter is your first line of defense against the myriad pollutants that are trapped indoors while your home is closed up against the cold winter weather. It may seem logical to choose the most efficient filter available, but always follow your manufacturer’s efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating recommendations since overly-restrictive filters can harm your heating system. To boost filtration without compromising airflow, talk to your HVAC pro about adding an electronic air cleaner.

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