Radiant Flooring: A Good Choice for Your Home this Winter?

Radiant Flooring: A Good Choice for Your Home this Winter?Radiant flooring allows you to stop heating air and heat the room instead. As the name implies, a radiant flooring system produces waves of heat from the floor up, suffusing all objects in the room, including people, with gentle warmth. If you’re considering a renovation or substantial remodeling, take advantage of the opportunity and consider adding the benefits of radiant flooring to one or more rooms.

The Trouble with Forced Air

Hot air flowing through ductwork dissipates heat energy due to conduction and leakage, losing an average of 20 percent of the heat it conveys. Hot forced air entering rooms also rises to the ceiling, then cools rapidly, so more heat must be quickly re-supplied to rooms to compensate. In addition, the on/off blast of air forced into rooms is not only noisy, it degrades air quality, continuously stirring up dust, dirt and allergens.

How Radiant Systems Heat

A network of tubes installed in the slab or beneath the sub-floor circulates hot water, turning the floor into a large-area, low-temperature thermal mass that absorbs heat from the circulating water and gently releases it into the room over time. Heat emitted from the floor warms occupants at room level and evenly throughout the entire square footage of the room, without the need to be located close to a forced-air supply vent to stay comfortable. Radiant is quiet and the air in the room remains still, so particulates aren’t constantly being re-circulated by moving air.

Radiant Efficiency

In heating interior spaces of the same square footage with similar amounts of insulation, a radiant system is about 30 percent more energy efficient than forced-air. Because it heats the lower half of the room more effectively, the overall room temperature can be up to 5 degrees lower than a forced-air system without compromising comfort. Lower thermostat settings mean energy savings. Radiant systems also don’t move air volume into or out of rooms, so de-pressurization and outdoor air infiltration that causes extended furnace cycles are minimized.

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