Ways to Save Money and Increase Energy Efficiency During Cooler Weather

Ways to Save Money and Increase Energy Efficiency During Cooler WeatherAs the temperatures get cooler, the energy demands of your home will increase when you turn on our heating system to keep your living spaces warm. Your energy bills will also increase. Here are some tips you can use to boost the energy efficiency of your home this year, cutting both energy consumption and costs.

  • Call for heating system maintenance: Preventive maintenance on your heating equipment will ensure the system works at its highest level of efficiency throughout the winter. It will also reduce the chance of inconvenient breakdowns and will increase the functional service life of the equipment.
  • Seal air leaks: Find and seal any holes, cracks, gaps or other openings in your home’s structure that could allow warm air to leak out and be wasted. Caulk around door and window frames. Seal areas around holes where pipes, wires or conduits penetrate your home’s wall. Check for leaks in locations where the foundation and attic floor make contact with the house frame.
  • Check the ductwork: The ductwork in your heating system carries all of the conditioned air that heats your home. Make sure this network of pipes is free from damage and that all sections fit tightly together. Connections between sections should be sealed with mastic or metal tape.
  • Use sunlight: Open the curtains in daytime to let more sunlight in to warm your home’s interior. This type of heat gain can help you save energy on winter heating.
  • Install a programmable thermostat: Put in a programmable thermostat to give you more control over your heating system. Programmable models, for example, let you save energy by reducing the amount of heat produced when it’s not needed (such as when you are away during the day) and automatically increasing heating to ensure your home is comfortable by the time you come back home.

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