How to Manage Hot and Cold Spots in Your Home

How to Manage Hot and Cold Spots in Your HomeProblems with your HVAC system can cause hot and cold spots to form in your Long Island home, reducing your comfort and harming your system’s efficiency. Depending on the exact cause, hot and cold spots can often be managed yourself; though in some situations, a professional may be required.

Poor Thermostat Placement

A thermostat that is placed in an unsuitable area, such as a drafty location, a sun-drenched wall, or a poorly-insulated room, will not get accurate readings, shutting down the HVAC prematurely and causing erratic temperature swings. If you can seal the drafts or shade the thermostat, you may be able to correct the problem. Otherwise, you might need to contact a professional to have the thermostat moved to a more appropriate location.

Vent Obstructions

Pressure imbalances between the supply and return portions of your system can cause hot or cold spots to form in you home. Often this is caused by a supply or return vent that is blocked by curtains, furniture, or other items. Or it can be caused by objects that have fallen into the vent itself. Check each supply and return vent and clear any obstructions. Similar problems can be caused by closing a supply vent in an unused room, which should not be done unless you have a zoned system. If you cannot determine the source of the problem, have a professional inspect your system and measure the pressure at the return and supply sides of the system.

Poor Circulation

Uneven temperatures can also be caused by poor circulation in your home, especially if it has more than one floor. Use ceiling fans and open windows and doors to promote better circulation, or have an HVAC professional install a whole-home ventilation system.

Other Solutions

If uneven temperatures persist, you may want to consider adding dampers to your air ducts, or even upgrading to a zoned HVAC system, which allows you to set the temperature for each zone independently.

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