5 Ways to Protect Your Long Island A/C from Theft

5 Ways to Protect Your Long Island A/C from TheftYou value your A/C system for the comfort it provides on hot and sticky Long Island days. It’s also likely that your A/C is among the most expensive appliances in your home, along with the heating system. Whether your A/C is a packaged system installed on the rooftop, or a split-system with the outside unit next to the foundation, protecting your A/C unit from theft should make your to-do list this season. Here’s why.

A/C Units are Targets for Theft

A/C units are targets for thieves because of the valuable metals they’re manufactured from. Following are incentives for would-be thieves to target your A/C, and the very reasons why you should protect it:

  • Copper – Copper prices have steadily risen the past 10 years. A/Cs contain quite a lot of copper, such as the copper tubing, condenser coil and evaporator coil. Other metals in the A/C can also be exchanged for quick cash at scrap yards and recycling centers.
  • Fast dismantling – A screwdriver and bolt cutters are the only tools needed for a thief to steal the condenser coil from the outside cabinet.
  • Location – Consider where your A/C is located. Is it inviting for a would-be thief to target your system because of low visibility to neighbors and street traffic?
  • Lack of security – The vast majority of A/C units don’t utilize dedicated anti-theft measures.

Protecting Your A/C Unit

You lock up your car and home to prevent theft. Consider the following anti-theft measures for your A/C:

  • Cage – A/C cages are excellent deterrents against theft, and they don’t disrupt operation or maintenance access.
  • Alarms – Special A/C alarms activate when refrigerant levels drop, power is cut or the A/C is moved.
  • Security cameras – WiFi security cameras and digital recording software are more common than ever for residential protection, including A/C units.
  • GPS tracking – GPS technology can be used to alert you on your smartphone if your A/C is moved.
  • Fence – If space permits, you can build a fence around the A/C.

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