Can Your Home Benefit With a Whole-House Fan?

Can Your Home Benefit With a Whole-House Fan?Keeping your house cool in summer can be expensive. Running the A/C all day uses a lot of energy. Isn’t there a way to stay comfortable when the weather gets hot without paying too much? There are several, but one in particular that’s worth pursuing is a whole-house fan.

How Whole-House Fans Work

A regular fan cools using the wind chill factor. A whole-house fan, however, uses suction to create air circulation. It removes the hot air from your house and replaces it with cool air from the outside.

The process works best when the outside air is cooler than inside. Run the fan for 20 minutes in the early morning right before sunrise, opening your windows so the cool outdoor air can be pulled in as the hot air is exhausted. Then, close the windows again to keep the cool air in. Repeat the process again in the evening when it’s cool outdoors again, and you can keep your home comfortable day and night while reducing your the A/C usage in your Long Island home by up to 90 percent.

Installing a Whole-House Fan

Whole-house fans are most effective in multi-story homes. A fan can be installed in your attic to circulate the air through your existing ductwork. And like some A/C blowers, many fans come with variable speeds to be adjusted for either milder or more extreme temperatures.

When using a whole-house fan, be sure the windows are open, heating and cooling are turned off and there’s no fire in the fireplace (so the fan’s suction fan won’t pull the flames and smoke into your home). If you do invest in a whole-house fan, be sure to get the proper size for your home. An HVAC professional can calculate the proper size to keep your home comfortable.

It’s important to note that whole-house fans pull air into your home from the outside. This air may contain pollen, dust and other contaminants. Therefore, it’s likely not the best option for homes with allergy sufferers, at least not without the use of an air purifier as well.

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