Troubleshooting Toilet Problems in Your Long Island Home

Troubleshooting Toilet Problems in Your Long Island HomeHome plumbing problems are bound to crop up from time to time. Some problems—such as a severe water leak, raw sewage backup or sudden loss of your water supply—definitely require a skilled professional. But you can save some unnecessary expense by troubleshooting toilet problems—if they’re minor issues like these:

  • Incomplete flushes. Frustrating partial flushes can occur if the flapper cap inside the tank isn’t lifting high enough. An easy fix is shortening the chain by hooking it a few links further down. If the water level is below the marking inside the tank, try carefully bending the float valve bulb up slightly to raise it. If this doesn’t work, you may need to replace the fill valve.
  • Phantom flushes. Ghostly middle-of-the-night flushes are typically caused by a worn flapper valve that’s letting water drain away, which makes the toilet refill on its own. Changing out the valve is relatively easy, just make sure the replacement you purchase matches the old one.
  • Non-stop running. When a toilet runs continuously, the flapper valve isn’t closing completely and you’ll need to determine why. Check whether something inside the tank, such as bowl cleaner dispenser or even mineral deposits around the valve seat is causing the problem. Alternately, see if adjusting the chain length helps. If it’s too short, it can hold the valve open slightly.
  • Dripping tank. If it’s impossible to tell whether the dripping is due to a bad seal or high humidity, put a few drops of food coloring in the tank water. If you check back later and see colored water on the floor, look for cracks in the tank or loose piping connections.
  • Shower shock. Slowing the flush rate on the toilets in your home can help minimize the temperature change and prevent those scalding shocks in the shower. Just locate the water valve on each tank and turn it until it’s about a quarter to a half turn away from being completely closed.

If troubleshooting toilet problems doesn’t get the issue resolved in your Long Island home, contact the experts at Cool Power, LLC.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Africa Studio/Shutterstock”