Smart Troubleshooting Tips for Common A/C Problems

When summertime temperatures peak, you don’t want to sweat A/C problems. However, common A/C problems always seem to occur on the hottest days. Whether Murphy’s Law or just an over-burdened A/C needing maintenance, you want to remedy the situation ASAP. Try these tips before call your A/C pro. 

Airflow ObstructionsSmart Troubleshooting Tips for Common A/C Problems

A/Cs need free airflow to cool properly. When airflow is obstructed, not only are you uncomfortable, other A/C problems develop. The evaporator can ice up, the blower motor becomes over-taxed and the compressor can overheat.

  • Check the air filter. A dirty filter increases energy consumption and prohibits efficient A/C operation. Clogged filters also create a substantial pressure drop, which can quickly damage the blower motor.
  • Clear debris from all the vents and make sure all are fully open.
  • Seal gaps and leaks in air ducts. If you recently installed a new A/C, the ducts should have been tested for correct size, too. Ducts that are too small or large become obstructions to blower performance and lead to unbalanced air pressure in the home.

A/C Not Cooling

Your A/C system cools the home by extracting heat at the evaporator coil. Check to see if the coil is clean. A dirty coil reduces cooling efficiency exponentially. Inspect the outdoor unit for debris and weeds. The condenser coil in the unit needs free airflow, too. The cabinet may contain debris collected over the wintertime. Spray it out with a garden hose.

Leaky A/C

Common A/C problems include clogged drain tubes and water leakage. If this is the case in your Long Island home, pour a half-cup of bleach into the drip pan. This will destroy algae that may be blocking the drain tube. If the blockage is caused by dirt and debris, it will need to be blown out by your HVAC technician. Another cause for leaking water is a failed condensate pump, which is another job for your tech.

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