Supplement Your Oil Furnace with These Efficient Heating Alternatives

Oil furnaces are very common sources of residential heating, but operating one can be more costly than using another source of heat. Here are some efficient heating alternatives you can add to your home to supplement your oil furnace.

Wood stoves: Wood stoves have a long history as an economical heating source. Stoves that burn wood, or pelletSupplement Your Oil Furnace with These Efficient Heating Alternatives-burning models that use fuel pellets made of compressed sawdust, can reduce your reliance on oil. Wood and wood pellets are generally easy to find and relatively inexpensive to purchase, making them a less expensive alternative to oil heating. Keep in mind that some communities might have air quality rules that place restrictions on when or how often you can burn wood.

Gas heaters or gas fireplaces: Gas heating is a much more economical option than oil heating, generally costing about a third as much as oil. If you don’t want to replace your oil furnace with a gas model, you can install gas heaters or fireplaces to supplement oil heating. Certain models can heat single rooms or entire homes. Gas-burning heating systems require proper ventilation to reduce carbon monoxide and other harmful gases produced through combustion.

Electric heaters: Electric heaters contain electrical resistance coils and heating elements powered by electricity. They’re available in smaller portable models and larger permanent installations. This heating option is also very easy to operate.

Mini-split heat pumps: Mini-split heat pumps use heat pump technology to capture heat from outdoor air and bring it into your home. These systems consist of an outdoor unit, which captures and moves heat, and one or more indoor air handling units that distribute warm air. They can also provide cool air during the summer.

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Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Dirk-Ercken/Shutterstock”