Easy Ways to Tell if Your Furnace is Operating Properly

If something just doesn’t seem right with your heating system, such as an unusual noise or odor, your instincts and senses are probably correct. Keep reading to learn how to tell if something is wrong with your furnace operation. This way, you can head off small issues before they become big headaches.

Easy Ways to Tell if Your Furnace is Operating ProperlyUnusual Odors

The first time you fire up your furnace for the heating months, the dust and debris collected there will heat up and expel from your ducts, emitting a burnt odor. After the first few hours, any odors should be investigated to find the source. Here are some common causes of odors:

  • Obstructions in the flue, such as bird or rodent nests, can create odors.
  • Dirty ducts can contribute to odors.
  • Mold in your ductwork will exude musty odors.
  • A dirty filter may cause odors.
  • Obstructions to airflow, such as a clogged filter, can cause overheating and a burnt odor.

Unusual Sounds

Your heating system is going to make noise when running. Some noises are normal, while others may indicate a problem. For instance, if you notice a rattling or clamoring noise from your air ducts, the problem may actually be disjointed duct seams, rather than a faulty furnace. Here are some common noises that indicate heating system problems:

  • Grinding or scraping: These noises indicate a problem with your blower motor. The bearings or another motor part may be failing.
  • Rumbling: If you hear rumbling noises when your heating system is off, your pilot may need some adjusting. If your heating system rumbles during operation, there may be dirty and corroded components present.
  • Screeching: Screeching and squealing noises usually indicate a problem with the belt.

Preventive Maintenance

Annual preventive maintenance is necessary to ensure safe and efficient furnace operation. Safety checks need to be conducted, and your entire HVAC system needs to be inspected from the flue to the condensate drain. You’ll enjoy lower heating bills and perhaps avoid an untimely system breakdown when the weather is at its worst.

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