Your HVAC System Could Be Vulnerable During a Home Remodel

As if you didn’t have enough on your mind when you’re remodeling your home, your HVAC system may be negatively impacted by the construction. Anyone who’s ever lived through a renovation knows that dust in the air is a fact of life. Because the HVAC system is integrated throughout the entire house through interconnected ducts, whatever’s airborne in any part of the home can may affect overall system performance and efficiency. It can even accelerate wear and tear and shorten the effective lifespan of some components. While the contractors and workers give your living spaces a new look or extra square footage, here are some ways to safeguard your HVAC system.Your HVAC System Could Be Vulnerable During a Home Remodel

  • Discuss the project with your HVAC contractor. Let him know what kind of work will be performed where. He’ll probably have suggestions to make the process easier on your furnace and air conditioner.
  • When dust is visible in the air, try not to run the furnace or A/C. Weather permitting, ventilate with fresh outdoor air.
  • Close supply registers in areas of the home where active renovation work is ongoing. First, however, ask your HVAC contractor how many registers it’s safe to close—shutting too many may cause system damage.
  • Request that as much sanding and cutting as possible be performed outdoors. Most contractors are familiar with that request and will try to accommodate.
  • Make sure the remodeling contractor and/or employees will isolate the construction area from the rest of the living spaces. Typically, they’ll use plastic tarps to cover doorways. Also verify that the work area will be regularly swept during the course of the work to prevent tracking as workers transit in and out of the house. Emphasize that sawdust, shavings and other debris should never be swept into HVAC ducts.
  • Change your system air filter more frequently than usual during the project.
  • After the work is finished, have your HVAC contractor perform an inspection of the system for accumulation of dust or debris.

Keep your HVAC system safe from the perils of a home remodel. Contact the professionals at Cool Power LLC for more information.

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