How Your Home’s HVAC Systems Should Be Working Together

Most people take heating and cooling for granted. You expect your HVAC systems to keep you warm in the winter and cool during those hot Long Island summers. To get the best from your home’s HVAC systems, it’s worth exploring the separate components that work to keep you and your family comfortable.

Ventilation is a critical part of your system, because without properly-sized, efficient ductwork, fans and air returns, supply vents and return registers, the hot or cold air wouldn’t move at all. Because of their similar functions, furnaces and air How Your Home's HVAC Systems Should Be Working Togetherconditioners often use the same basic air ducts, which help lower costs in the long run.

Vents are placed strategically throughout your home, allowing the heated or cooled air to enter each room. Some vents contain moveable slats for you to control the amount of air entering the room and the angle at which it enters.

Most heating units, or furnaces, burn natural gas or oil and air conditioners use electricity. A heat pump — an electrically powered climate control unit – does double duty by both heating and cooling air.

The thermostat controls heating and cooling by responding to changes in air temperature that vary from the set point (temperature setting). Components in the unit send the message to the furnace or central air conditioner.

The latest thermostats – most of which are programmable – are completely digital, using a device called a thermistor to measure indoor temperatures. You can program the thermostat to provide more heat or cooled are at certain times of the day or night, no matter if you’re at home or away.

Proper maintenance of all these HVAC components is crucial to the efficiency and long life of your HVAC system. Damaged or leaky ductwork means losing already heated or cooled air, clogged vents and registers waste energy and broken thermostats can shut down the whole system.

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