A/C Blowing Hot Air? It May Need a Refrigerant Charge

Your Long Island home air conditioner and refrigerator both rely on the correct refrigerant charge to operate correctly. Refrigerant charge refers to the amount of refrigerant gas within a system. The act of refrigerant charging is the refilling of these gases whenever system repairs and/or leaks have led to depleted levels. 

How Do I Know if My System Needs a Charge?A/C Blowing Hot Air? It May Need a Refrigerant Charge

Low refrigerant levels in your air conditioner will manifest in several ways. The most notable example of this is when warm or even hot air blows from your vents. Another extreme symptom is the complete freeze-over of your outdoor unit. Such a freezing can leave your system completely unusable. Other, less serious symptoms include reduced system efficiency, lower temperatures occurring from the condenser fan, iced-up coils, and any oil residue on piping. Additionally, when your air conditioner doesn’t have the correct refrigerant charge it will consume more energy, leading to higher utility bills, and be unable to provide good dehumidification to keep your home feeling comfortable.

How Refrigerant Charging Works.

Because refrigerant is highly hazardous, it is important to contact an HVAC professional to inspect your air conditioner and recharge the system if necessary. A qualified technician will use either a bulk refrigerant container or charging kit, each equipped with a needed refrigerant charging manifold and associated hoses, valves and gauges. A system of pressure gauges will be used to verify the condition of your unit’s refrigerant levels. If charging is needed, a Schraeder valve and compressor will be used to add refrigerant. The gas should be added in small increments to prevent system overloading. Between each of these added increments, your A/C system should be turned on for a brief amount of time to allow the new charge to settle with frequent pressure checks. Once the pressure returns to your unit’s manufacturer’s specifications, the process is complete and the charging container or kit can be removed.

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