Going on Vacation? These Energy-Saving Tips Will Save You Money While You’re Away

You may not realize how much energy is being wasted back home while you’re off on a relaxing vacation. Even if you’re not there to use them, many of the everyday items that ensure your comfort and convenience are still devouring energy. You’ll come home to lower utility bills by following these targeted energy-saving tips:

Going on Vacation? These Energy-Saving Tips Will Save You Money While You're AwayHVAC System. If you have a programmable thermostat, put it in “vacation” mode, and set it at 85 degrees to keep heat and humidity under control without wasting energy. Even if you have a manual thermostat, dialing it up to that temperature can help you save energy.

Small Appliances and Electronics. A home contains numerous items that consume electricity even when they’re on standby. You can conserve that energy by unplugging the computer, printer, coffee pot, television(s), stereo, digital clock(s), device chargers and other similar items before you leave.

Lighting. Before heading out the door, make sure that all the light switches are shut off throughout the house, and don’t forget the ceiling fans. If you’re leaving a few lights on timers for security, use compact fluorescent lamps (Cf Ls) to slash energy consumption.

Tank-style Water Heater. Keeping a tank of water hot when no one is home is a big waste of energy. You can save money by flipping off the circuit breaker to an electric water heater, or putting a gas-fired model on “pilot only” mode.

Windows. Taking the time to close the curtains and pull down blinds and shades to reduce heat gain while you’re away. The A/C won’t have to cycle on as often, and this saves energy.

Refrigerator. During a short getaway, you can cut energy use and still keep food fresh by raising the temperature setting just two or three degrees. If you’re planning a long trip, clean out the fridge and freezer, and unplug the appliance. Leave the doors propped open a bit so the interior stays fresh smelling and mold-free.

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