Consider a Heat Pump for Air Conditioning Your Long Island Home

Whether you’re upgrading your existing air conditioning system or installing a brand new one, it’s worth considering a heat pump for your air conditioning needs.

A heat pump is a device that transfers heat from one place to another. It can take heat from outside and move it inside your home, or — in the warmer months — move heat inside your home to the outside.Consider a Heat Pump for Air Conditioning Your Long Island Home

Heat pumps work on a similar principle as a refrigerator. Most models use motors to pump a refrigerant fluid around a coiled metal tube. When placed under pressure, the fluid becomes liquid and releases heat. When the pressure is reduced so that the fluid can become a gas, it draws in heat and makes the surrounding area cooler. Thus, the refrigerant fluid can absorb heat from the air inside your home and release it outside.

Absorption pumps use a slightly different cooling technology. Instead of the usual refrigerant gases, they use an ammonia-water system.

There are several different types of pumps. Air-source pumps — more commonly known as air-air heat pumps — are among the most widely used. As their name suggests, they take heat from the air in one place and transfer it to the air in another.

A ground-source system, by contrast, uses the ground, pool or other body of water nearby as a heat source (for heating) or a heat sink (for cooling). This means that the same system can keep your home cool while warming your swimming pool.

Heat pumps have a major advantage over conventional air conditioning systems, in that they are much more energy efficient. A properly selected and installed heat pump can greatly reduce the amount that you spend on air conditioning each year. They can run on electricity, propane or natural gas. You can even go green with a solar-powered heat pump.

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