Ventilation Systems: 4 Options for Fresher Air in Your Long Island Home

One of the biggest issues of modern homes is poor ventilation. By being sealed so tightly, homes can trap pollutants and other harmful contaminants even while they’re locking in warm or cool air when they’re supposed to. The solution is to install ventilation systems.  Here are four types to consider for your home:

  • Exhaust ventilation: Exhaust systems are fairly inexpensive but are typically meant for cold climates. They work by expelling air from your home to depressurize your house and cause air to be drawn in.Ventilation Systems: 4 Options for Fresher Air in Your Long Island Home
  • Supply ventilation: Supply systems work well in hot and humid climates and are still relatively inexpensive. One of the biggest features of this type of system is that you can filter any incoming air so you don’t introduce new pollutants. A supply system pressurizes your home by forcing air into it, while providing outlets for stagnant air to leave through.
  • Balanced ventilation: Balanced systems are great in all climates, but you will pay more than exhaust or supply systems for this added performance. These systems exchange equal amounts of air from your home and the outdoors, so your home is never pressurized.
  • Energy/heat recovery ventilators: These are the only types of systems that reliably reduce your heating and cooling bills. They are typically best in locations that have extreme temperature swings throughout the year. These systems use your furnace’s exhaust heat to treat incoming air in the winter, and use the cooled indoor air to cool incoming air in the summer.

What to Look For

Once you determine which type of systems may be appropriate for your home, there are a few more things to consider:

  • Noise: Look for fans with a noise rating of one  or less.
  • Control: You should look for fans that have a simple and convenient way for you to control them.
  • Distribution: Some fans, like remote in-line fans, are able to distribute new air more evenly throughout your home than ceiling fans.
  • Filtration: If you want to make sure you don’t introduce new pollutants into your home, make sure to pick a system that allows you to filter incoming air.

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