What Is Central Air Conditioning? How It Keeps You Cool

Central air conditioning works on a completely different principle than split systems, which rely on separate units in each room or in separate, but connected, parts of the home.

Cooling from a centralized unit involves removing humidity from the air from a central point before circulating it throughout the house. This central system is often coupled with a heating system. This type of all-in-one unit is most effective in large structures, or in homes with high humidity levels.

Because cooling and dehumidification on such a large scale is quite a noisy process, centralized units are usually keWhat Is Central Air Conditioning? How It Keeps You Coolpt outside of the main building. Connected to this unit is a network of ducts that run through the entire building. Blowers, which push cold air through the ducts into the individual rooms, are part of this system as well. Meanwhile, a separate system of ducts and blowers vent the humid air, pushing it outside the building.

In the case of larger areas, central air conditioners usually consist of separate dehumidification units installed on the walls of the space. This a more environmentally friendly solution, because it’s possible to control the climate from separate sectors of the building by simply releasing excessively humid air.

For larger spaces in Long Island, central air conditioning is preferable because humidity can become quite oppressive.

Many Long Island homes are benefitting from having central air conditioning, enjoying greater energy efficiency than unsightly window units offer, especially where a whole-system approach is taken by insulating the home adequately. This is usually the most efficient method.

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