These Electricity-Use Myths Can Cost You

The energy used by your heating and cooling systems can account for well over half of your home energy costs. Because of this, your heating and cooling systems are a great place to start when you’re trying to lower your energy bills, but you need to be careful to avoid electricity-use myths that could actually increase your bills. Here are some of the most common electricity-use myths and why they cost you money:

  • These Electricity-Use Myths Can Cost YouIt’s cheaper to run your air conditioner all day than to cool your home when you return. Many people believe that your AC uses more energy to lower the temperature than to keep a constant temperature, but this isn’t true. The only thing that matters is how long it runs, and it will run much longer to keep a constant temperature during the day than it will to lower the temperature when you return.
  • Using energy-efficient equipment automatically lowers your energy bill. This is only true if you use it properly. If you start running your air conditioner longer, your overall costs will, of course, increase.
  • Lowering your heat pump thermostat at night saves on your heating bill. This makes sense to many people, since turning up the temperature in cooling mode always saves energy. However, in heating mode, a heat pump does use more energy to overcome a larger temperature gap, so you may end up costing yourself more by turning it off at night.
  • Setting a higher or lower temperature heats or cools your home faster. This is largely false, since most heating and cooling systems run at a constant rate until they reach the desired temperature. The only exception is for variable speed systems that do change speeds according to the temperature difference, but the most efficient choice is to simply leave the temperature at your actual desired setting.

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