Could a Ventilation System Be What the Doctor Ordered? If So, Look for These Extra Qualities

When it comes to ensuring your Long Island home has plenty of fresh and clean air, the installation of a mechanical ventilation system might just be what the doctor ordered. Whole house ventilation systems provide homes with quality indoor air, no matter the season. These mechanical systems are generally categorized into four types – exhaust, supply, balanced and energy recovery – all available for installation in your New York home.

  • Exhaust Ventilation. This ventilation system works best in buildings with open floor plans in which depreCould a Ventilation System Be What the Doctor Ordered? If So, Look  for These Extra Qualitiesssurization won’t pose a health, safety or structural durability risk. The system uses a fan to remove stale indoor air and exhaust it to the outdoors.
  • Supply Ventilation. If any family members have respiratory issues or chemical sensitivities, a supply ventilation system might be just what you need. This system draws air out of contaminated places, filters it and routes it back through your central HVAC return duct for it to be heated and cooled before being dispersed throughout your home.
  • Balanced Ventilation. More expensive, but also more versatile, this system exchanges air equally between your home’s indoors and the outdoors. By transferring heat energy, balanced ventilation systems also reduce the load on central heating and cooling systems.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation. In addition to providing the same benefits as the balanced system, energy recovery ventilation also transfers moisture in the air. This further reduces the load on your HVAC equipment and prevents indoor environments from becoming too humid or dry.

No matter which above ventilation system you end up choosing, be sure to finalize your selection based on these key qualities:

  • Quiet Operation. Add to your comfort, don’t detract from it. Choose a model with a fan noise rating of less than 1 sone.
  • Good Controls. Programmable controls are essential for on-the-go homeowners. These allow homeowners to adjust operation based on occupancy, which can save you significantly in energy costs.
  • Good Distribution. The addition of remote in-line fans can increase the system’s ability to distribute air throughout the whole house.
  • Filtration. Fans and filters should be easily accessible for routine maintenance and replacement.

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