After The Storm: Dehumidifiers Can Be Your Best Friend

A dehumidifier is important during our muggy summers in Long Island, but they can also be a big help in the aftermath of catastrophic storms such as Hurricane Sandy.

Many area homeowners are dealing with major water damage in their homes, as a result of Sandy.  Flooded homes and apartments can be salvaged if the water is removed properly. However, water can do its damage even after the water is removed. That’s where an effective whole-house humidifier (or one or more portable units for localized problems) can play an important role in dealing with the aftermath of the storm.

High moisture levels can make your home ma breeding ground for mold. According to the federal EPA, mold needs a food source and moisture. Anything from sheet rock to furniture fabric can be a food source for mold growth. While no one can’t eliminate all the places in a home where mold can grow, we can control the moisture in our indoor air.

It is important to start a dehumidifier as soon as possible after storm-related flooding to begin drying out your home. The goal is to keep the relative humidity level near 50 percent. That’s the ideal. Air that’s too dry – the most common problem during the heating months – can cause an assortment of its own problems.

Most portable dehumidifiers have a bucket to collect the moisture in the air. During flood cleanup, or anytime there’s an extreme amount of moisture, this collection bin will need to be dumped often. You’ll know when it’s time to dump the water, because the machine will stop operating and an alarm may sound. Most portable models also have an option to add a hose to drain the dehumidifier into a sump pump or basement floor drain.

A whole-house dehumidifier, if you can afford one, is the superior choice. It requires very little maintenance (or dumping of collected water), and removes humidity from your entire home rather than just one or two rooms. Plus, it’s useful in the summertime, when your A/C struggles to remove humidity from your indoor air.

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