Programmable Thermostats: How They Work, And Are They Right For Your Long Island Home?

If like most people you want to save energy, but don’t want to surrender home comfort, consider installing a programmable thermostat to deliver energy savings customized to your lifestyle, whether you’re at work, out of town, and even while you sleep.

Features and optionsProgrammable Thermostats: How They Work, And Are They Right For Your Long Island Home?

The latest programmable thermostats include high-tech, state-of-the-art features. Yet, they are intuitive and easy to navigate. These are some of the smart features and options that help save you energy day and night:

  • Many thermostats offer six daily event settings (temperature changes), which busy households may find helpful.
  • Choose a thermostat that aligns with your schedule. If you have a typical five-day workweek, you may consider the 5+2 day thermostat that provides one program for the workweek and a second program for the weekend. The 5+1+1 day thermostat offers a separate program for each weekend day. A popular thermostat is the seven-day model, which provides a separate program for each day of the week.
  • Programmable thermostats usually include an adjustable pre-programmed “Vacation” setting.
  • The “Hold” feature enables you to make on-the-fly temperature changes. The programmed setting resumes at the next event change. Use this feature sparingly so as not to deviate from your energy-saving settings.
  • Intuitive touchscreen displays are easy to view and navigate.
  • Use a “lockout” feature to prevent tampering.
  • Convenient alerts provide information for filter change, scheduled HVAC maintenance reminders, and system malfunctions.
  • Some smart thermostats will actually “learn” your temperature habits and adjust themselves automatically.

Energy savings day and night

The beauty of programmable thermostats is that you program settings for comfort hours (evenings and weekends) and for energy savings hours (working, sleeping and out of town). In fact, the federal Energy Savers program states that you’ll save approximately 10 percent heating expenses by lowering the temperature 10 degrees for eight hours (during the heating months). The following sample program utilizes working and sleeping hours for substantial energy savings:

  • Working: lower temperature 10 degrees for 10 hours
  • Sleeping: lower temperature 8 degrees for 8 hours
  • Evening: your normal temperature
  • Weekends/vacations: customized settings

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