How Installing a Dehumidifier Can Boost Your Comfort Level

Long Island has a lot of things going for it, but the area’s frequent high humidity isn’t one of them. Excess moisture in your home’s air can lead to aggravated allergies, stuffy rooms and musty odors. By installing a dehumidifier, you can alleviate these problems and enjoy a more comfortable home.

Breathe easier

Mold spores and dust mites are some of the most common triggers of allergy and asthma symptoms. Even if you cleHow Installing a Dehumidifier Can Boost Your Comfort Levelan well, mold can still develop in damp areas of your home such as under your sinks and in your laundry room. Dust mites, which breed in bedding, furniture and carpeting, also thrive in humid conditions. A dehumidifier draws excess moisture out of the air, limiting mold and mites’ ability to reproduce.

Keep you loved ones healthy

Installing a dehumidifier is a must if you have an elderly adult, very young child or anyone with a weakened immune system in your home. Like mold and dust mites, bacteria also flourish in moist conditions. Common household bacteria such as micrococcus and staphylococcus are rarely a problem for healthy adults. For anyone with a weaker immune system, though, they pose a more significant health threat. Drying out lingering dampness keeps these potentially harmful bacteria in check.

Enjoy your home more and save on energy costs

Excess humidity leaves your home feeling stuffy and smelling musty. That may not harm your health, but it isn’t pleasant. What’s more, your furniture, clothes and other belongings can also pick up the odor. With a dehumidifier, you’ll have a fresher-smelling, airier home where you can breathe freely. In addition, humid air feels warmer than dry air, so drying out your indoor air will help cool things off, allowing you to turn up your thermostat a few degrees during the cooling season.

Not just any dehumidifier can improve your air quality, though. To make a difference, a dehumidifier must have sufficient capacity for your home’s humidity level and size. For example, to dry out a moderately damp 1,000-square-foot area, you’ll need a dehumidifier that can remove at least 14 pints of water per 24-hour period.

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