Considering A Dehumidifier? Comparing Portable And Whole-House Options

The humidity levels in the summer in Long Island are high, along with the costs for running your air conditioner to remove moisture from the indoor air. If you’re considering a dehumidifier to keep your home more comfortable, lower the risk of mold and reduce the discomfort of allergies, weighing the benefits of portable versus central systems will help you make an educated decision. Both types benefit your home, and each has distinct advantages and disadvantages.Considering A Dehumidifier? Comparing Portable And Whole-House Options

Portable Dehumidifiers


  • Plug and play. These units are self-contained and plug into a 110-volt outlet. Once you remove the unit from the packaging, plug it in and turn it on, it starts to remove humidity from the air immediately.
  • Flexible. You can place these units anywhere in your home.


  • Inconvenient. Convenience is often a criterion when considering a dehumidifier. When you have portable units, you need regularly empty the water container so the appliance can get back to work. You can’t run them when you’re away for hours or days at a time when the humidity is exceptionally high.
  • Higher electrical costs. Using more than one dehumidifier in your home can raise your electric bill.

Central Dehumidifiers


  • Whole-house dehumidification. A central system removes the humidity from all parts of your home evenly.
  • Precise humidity control. Ideal humidity ranges between 30 and 50 percent. A central system has sensors that control the amount of humidity in your air automatically.
  • Lower energy costs. Instead of running several dehumidifiers in your home, you’re just running one, which can lower your electric bills. While a central system costs more to run than a portable one, if you’re using several portables to do the same work as a central system, then the energy use advantage shifts over to the whole-house unit.
  • Convenience. Central dehumidifiers drain the water directly, which means they can run when you’re away for long periods. Plus you don’t need to worry about emptying the water container.


  • Installation. Unless you’re a competent with plumbing, tools and electrical wiring, the installation should be performed by an HVAC technician or electrician.
  • Cost. A central system has a higher upfront cost than portable dehumidifiers, though again, the comparative costs get closer if you’re running several portables to do the work of one whole-house unit.

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