Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance Starts Now – Here’s How

With spring well underway on Long Island, this is the ideal time for a little spring cleaning but don’t forget that those summer energy bills aren’t too far away. Add air conditioning maintenance to your to-do list so that your home comfort system is ready when the hottest months arrive.

Increase Efficiency and Save Money
During the summer months, cooling your interior air eats up well over 40 percent of your household energy use. That number can be even higher if you don’t maintain your A/C equipment. Spring air conditioning maintenance will help yourAir Conditioning Preventive Maintenance Starts Now - Here's How system operate at peak efficiency.

  • Coils – Coils need to be cleared of all dirt and dust. Buildup on the coils hinders their ability to remove heat from the indoor air.
  • Filters – When filters are clogged, the equipment has to work much harder to pull in sufficient air flow. Cleaning or replacing the filters can instantly make your equipment 15 percent more efficient.
  • Fins – The fins are easily bent, which decreases the amount of air that makes it into the system. You can reshape it with a fin comb.
  • Drain Pans – Drains must be cleared of all debris. If they’re clogged, your A/C can’t clear excess moisture from the air, meaning your home will be too humid.
  • Condenser – The outside condenser must be level or the refrigerant will not flow through the proper path. Use a level and shimmies to ensure it is perfectly balanced.

If you choose to hire a professional, he will perform a few additional tasks. He will check refrigerant, test your thermostat and assess your system air tightness, just to name a few tasks.

Avoid Costly Breakdowns
Whether you perform the air conditioning maintenance yourself or hire a professional, make sure to check for any signs of wear or damage. An expert will check the overall health of the equipment to help you avoid a summertime breakdown.

If your equipment does falter during the summer, you will have to call for emergency repairs or replacement. Not only is this inconvenient; it is much more expensive than a regular service visit, especially if you need night or weekend service.

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